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Power Generation

Tungsten carbide and ceramic lined parts extend the life of coal and fly ash handling equipment.

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Tungsten carbide and ceramic parts are used for the mixing process as well as brick forming dies.

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Tungsten carbide and ceramic lined parts are used in the mixing and molding of sand.

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Tungsten carbide and ceramic lined parts are used for crushing, aggregate mixing, and particulate sizing for silica refining.

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Pulp Mills

Tungsten carbide and ceramic lined mixing chambers for bleaching pulp.

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Welcome To Kinton Carbide

Introducing Kinton Carbide

Sintered tungsten carbide’s most impressive property is the ability to resist abrasion. It is the hardest metal known to exist. Abrasion resistance can be up to 20 times greater than steel.

Most of Kinton Carbide’s fabrication involves brazing sintered tungsten carbide platelets to carbon steel back plates. Our brazing process results in a bond of 25,000 psi holding power. High alumina ceramic can be epoxied to wear surface to balance the wear ratio across the face of the part for secondary wear areas of some parts.