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Cement & Silica

Kinton Carbide manufactures crushing, pulverizing and ultrafine particle sizing tools.   High impact resistant solid tungsten carbide or steel fabrications lined with carbide platelets offer superior tool life above typical steel composites.   Our components will reduce machinery down time and a vital cost savings all while assisting your production of the highest quality aggregates.

Ash Gate Housing Front View
Hopper Bottom Discharge

Cheek Plate Front View
Cheek Plate

Cheek Plate Rear View
Cheek Plate

Lateral Wall Tip Front View
Aggregate Processing

Lateral Wall Tip Rear View
Aggregate Processing

Micro Sizer Assembly 64 Blade
Silica Grain Sizing

Micro Sizer Assembly 128 Blade
Silica Grain Sizing

Micro Sizer Bottom Blade Retainer
Silica Grain Sizing

Primary & Secondary Valves
Silica Feed Hoppers

Slag Crusher Transition Inside

Slag Crusher Transition

Hopper Liners

Hopper Liner Side View

Wear Ring